GET BIGGER & STRONGER Where It Matters MOST, WHILE UnlockING fat loss where it should be THE least!

If You’re Sick & Tired Of Looking & Feeling Soft, & If You’re Finally Ready To Get Noticed… By Your Family, Your Friends, Your Girlfriend, Heck Even The Ladies At The Local Coffee Shop. STRONG45 Is Guaranteed To Unlock Extraordinary Gains!

Hey There It's Michael From HIITMAX!

Look… I am known for two things… my no BS approach to fitness and the speed in which I get ALL of my clients RESULTS! 

If anyone ever challenged me to ANYTHING, I was IN. I never backed down from a good challenge. 

So… I’AM CHALLENGING YOU (calling all MEN) to a 45-Day Challenge where you’ll build amazing lean muscle, get so much stronger, and most important have a new confidence that allows you squeeze so much more out of life.

As someone who was depressed, out of shape, heck I was weak AF ok I’ll admit it … confidence was someone I didn’t have, so I never realized just how much I could do (in life), until I found it. 

It was through fitness, the vehicle I chose 6 years ago where I got my manliness and confidence back! I lost 27 lbs in 113 days a got chiseled … I remember a girl at the local shop noticing one morning (she was the first one), I’ll never forget just how good that felt... 


I am going to do the same for you, only in 45 days instead of the 113 it took me. And that’s because since my personal transformation, I’ve helped over one 1/2 of a million people transform (no that’s not a typo*). I’ve learned training and nutrition secrets from some of the best trainers in the world, and I’ve mastered fitness with over 10,000 hours of time spent in the space, reading, teaching, and training. 

I even wrote a Best-Selling book on Nutrition, much of the knowledge from this book I also share inside STRONG45 — yup even your nutrition is covered. 

Can I Tell You Something?

You’re about to see all of your family and friends for the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are just months away!).

How do you want them to notice you? What do you want to hear? 

A. “Gosh! John you look incredible! You look leaner and fit, what have you been doing? 

B. "Damn John everything ok? Looks like you put on some weight."

I know what you answered … and I can promise you that’s what they will say. In fact, if your results don’t blow you and everyone in your family away this year — I'll refund you!

My Brand New 45-Day Challenge Is Designed To Help You GET SO MUCH MORE STRONGER, You’ll BUILD AMAZING LEAN MUSCLE — 

So You Get Noticed, Gain More Confidence, & Begin To CRUSH LIFE!

You've Never Looked Better... 


In 45 Days You Won't Recognize Yourself In The Mirror, That’s The Kind Of Results I Promise!

What would it feel like to build 5-10 pounds of lean muscle, drop some fat in the not to attractive areas, and get strong like you never thought you could? 

Did you know at one point I couldn’t bench the bar 5 times in a row. I never thought I could be as strong as I ma today, and that’s why I promise you the same! 


I’ve specifically designed these workouts to do EXACTLY what all of our followers have been asking for...

  • Build Lean Muscle (not the bulky fat kind)

  • Get Rid Of The Annoying Fat (Belly, Sides, and Lower Back)

  • Gain Strength (you’ll lift more, but even better ;)

I am not done yet, the best part…is you’ll finish my workouts in 40 minuets or less, and for those of you who know strength training, that’s unheard of. Most guys have to spend 90min 5-6 days per week to get the results I promise in less than 1/2 the time. 

When I tell my clients this, they all say the same thing “No way”. My response is, you don’t know what you don’t know, just do as I say and you’ll be more proof!

When You Join The 45-Day Challenge, You'll Get... 

1. 45-Day STRONG Workout Program

I sat down and designed our most effective workouts to date! Workouts designed to not only help you transform your body quickly, but to do it in record time. 

Way back… I remember spending $500+ on a Personal Trainer to help me train for 45-days only to be disappointed by the lack of results. On top of that, the workouts were long and boring. That's not how you get results. You should be able to get your workout done in under 45-minutes and get the results you want. 

You Get Access To My 6-Week Progressive STRONG45 Training Program — this is some of my best work to date!

2. For The First Time Ever: You Will Follow Along Because I’ve Recorded Follow Along Workouts

We've had tens of thousands of men go through our Challenges, and for the first time EVER... every workout can be done in follow along fashion! 


That's right... 

You just press "PLAY" and do the workouts with me! Even better, we're going to show you the exact exercises, in a specific order and format, with certain resting periods, to create maximal gains in strength and muscle.

With these workouts, you can expect to see your best results in the next 45-days! 

3. 45-Day Nutrition Plan

As you probably already know, nutrition will play an important role in helping you get your best results. That being said, here at HIIT MAX we don't believe in counting calories or macros. We don't believe in restricting your favorite foods. And we absolutely don't believe in starving yourself to get results.  

Instead, our 45-Day Nutrition Plan is going to help you get amazing results eating all your favorite foods and never counting a single calorie! How awesome is that?

This is by far our most effective nutrition plan to date, and it's so dang enjoyable! 

4. Weekly Accountability Calls & Daily Messaging Support Inside An Exclusive Group Dedicated For You.

You don't just get access to one of us, you get access to ALL THREE + our coaches! 

All of us (Kelsey, Dennis, and Michael) will be doing LIVE Accountability calls each week, will be in the Private Support Group DAILY answering your questions, and will be just one message away if you have any questions. 

We are committed to blowing you away with the amount of support you're going to get in the 45-Day Challenge. HIIT MAX is more than just a fitness brand, it's a fitness family!  

And we can't wait for you to experience the HIIT MAX Family!

5. Access To Our Private Support Group

Quite possibly the best part about are challenges is this Private Support Group! You'll get to do this challenge with thousands of others just like yourself who are looking to get healthy, burn fat, and tone your body.  

And let me just say this - you'll be instantly motivated from the moment you enter the Private Support Group because we will be waiting there with open arms tom welcome you in and help get you started!



It’s simple: you enter, you commit yourself to a 30-day challenge, and we give prizes to the entrants who undergo the biggest transformations!

How Long Have You Been Making Excuses? 

How long have you been telling yourself you’ll get in shape “next year”, “next month” or even “next week”? It’s time to stop procrastinating and start being proactive. 

Just ONE payment of $47 will get you everything you need for your total transformation in just 45 days, and as an added incentive you can also win some SERIOUS money. Commit today and reap the rewards for the rest of your life!

The ONLY Safe Way to Build Muscle & Get Strong Fast

We practice what we preach here at HIIT MAX and we have helped hundreds of thousands of people transform their body’s quickly and safely. I want to help you get the fastest possible results with the least amount of effort.  

The year is halfway over, it doesn’t matter how you started, it matters how you finish — let’s get 45 days under our belt together and create some major momentum in your life to close this year as the best one yet! 

Get ripped, get strong, lean out, and WIN a trip or some COLD HARD CASH! 

Now that’s 4 times the reason to join (as if your health, confidence, and physique weren’t enough)

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Anyone that feels you that you need supplements to see results is lying to get your money! 


It's our goal to get YOU your best results ever. So let's do that together!

Let us help YOU...

• Build Lean Muscle Fast

• Lean Out In The Not So Attractive Areas

• Build Surprising Strength

• Feel confident as you become more fit and strong

• Increase your metabolism fast

• Get real and lasting results

• Unlock 24/7 fat burning*

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