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#1 Fat Burning, Glute Building, Total Body Toner — For Females Who Want Faster Results! 

  • Activate Your Glutes With Unilateral Tension.

  • Increase Fat Burn For Up To 48 Hours After Workout.

  • How To Use Targeted Tension To Rapidly Grow Your Glutes.

Tension is what forces adaptation, that’s how muscle is built and toned, tension is what tears the muscle fibers so your body can rebuild and replace them with stronger, more toned muscle. 

The more tension you create, the more muscle fibers you recruit, and thats how you speed up the toning, lifting, and sculpting process. 

And when you can do both simultaneously, that is create tension while increasing your metabolic burn through key exercises, you drop serious body fat, get toned fast, and if you want — seriously shredded! 

Nothing works faster — keeps reading it gets even better!

You know what doesn't create ANY tension?

• Cardio.
• Lots of reps with really light weights.
• Most ab exercises. 

You know how the women who do those things look? They look ok. And, for all that effort, “ok” just sucks! 

You aren't doing all of that to look just "ok" are you?

I am not saying those things don’t help, they just aren’t worth your time… not when you can combine the power of HIIT with TUT (time-under-tension) — using our signature Glute Activator Band you’ll carve out a harder, more toned body, and do it in 1/2 the time

The tension is crazy and so are the results!

It is like melting butter in the microwave… the fat literally melted off my body, and I finally saw definition and muscle exactly where I wanted to! 

The tension quickly forces new lean tissue to develop, the interval training burns fat and tones, and what you have here is the fastest way to tone and sculpt your body ever to exist, ands that’s why over 500,000 people have downloaded our programs to date!

Can I ask you a serious question?

What’s Your #1 Goal As You Read This Page? 

Go-ahead… take 60 seconds. 

Let me help. You want a body you can be confident in and proud of?Am I right?You know how I knew that?It’s because we’ve helped over 500,000 people, and we’ve asked them, and that’s what everyone pretty much says…

I mean some said they wanted to break through their fat loss plateau … for others it was a flatter stomach … some said they wanted tighter more firm arms … some said a bigger butt … and then there were those who just said...

I Want To Get In The Best Shape Of My Life!

Ultimately all of those^^ things point back to one thing — “You Want A Body You Can Be Confident In & Proud Of”.

I wish I could just do it for you, all of it, the work even… for two reasons, firstly I am going to die changing the health of the world, secondly because I just know I can get their faster than you could on your own. 

And not because I am any smarter than you, I am really not that smart… I just went through it already, personally and as you know for thousands of others… I made all of the mistakes, trained the wrong way, even got hurt… so yeah… now you don’t have to go through all of that… and you can see results way faster than I ever did.

It took me 113 days to go from 25% BF down to 8% and I used this type of training … and knowing what I know now, I could go back and do it in 1/2 the time or less! 

(I'm Ready To Burn Fat, Not Time!)

These are the kind of promises i’ve been confidently making to my clients for the last 5 years … and i’ve only ever failed those that gave up … every single client that followed my training methods (these training methods) ended up more confident and proud they had been since their best exam score in high-school. 

And I’ll make the same promise to you… we don’t fail together, not on my watch!This program will meet you right where you’re at (today), and guide you every step of the way. The training grows with you, you wont believe how strong you’ll get. 

You’ll also gain access to me and our ever-growing private facebook community — you should see the motivation inside there!

Look, I want the opportunity to change your life. And I am 100% certain I can do that… 

so here’s what I am going to do, to make this a total no-brainer!

I Am Going To Give You FREE Training Inside My APP For 30 Days, Normally $20

Glute Activator Band
Normally, $29 + S/H

Access To Me & Our Coaches Inside Our Private Accountability Group, Normally $20

(When you click now, I’ll even cover the shipping!)

Forget 100% money back, every company says that nowadays, and then when there’s an issue, you can never reach them. I am going to give you my word, my personal promise … if you’re not happy you don’t need to email anyone — you just DM ME and I’ll put through your refund

One last thing… you may not even see this because I’ve already made this too good to pass up, just in case you’re one of those people either still on the fence, or like to read EVERYTHING, here’s

3 No-Brainer Bonuses:

1. Challenges

Access to our 30 day fitness challenges where you can win cash, trips, and other prizes!

2. Complete Workout Programs

Over a dozen different programs to choose from ranging from 30-60 days. You get everything laid out in a calendar inside our app. 

3. Nutrition Guide

Macros Made Easy “Approved Foods List”

(When you click now, I’ll even cover the shipping!)

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