The mission of HIITBURN is to simplify the world of health and fitness.

With so much information out there, HIITBURN focuses on keeping fitness and nutrition simple and making them a maintainable lifestyle. 

HIITBURN workouts are focused on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and strength workouts. We teach you how to workout smarter, not longer for fast results.

HIITBURN nutrition is flexible and is based around eating real food through carb cycling. No counting calories or macros, just eat real, high quality foods for your body and goals. 


About the Founders

Dennis and Kelsey Heenan are the founders and owners of HIITBURN.  Both Dennis and Kelsey are certified trainers and fitness experts who want to help others live a happy and healthy life. 

Dennis and Kelsey have been married since 2010 and currently reside in Portland, Oregon. They love to travel the world, explore coffee shops, and hang out with their mini dachshund, Lily.